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One close to my heart:

My Grandmother, My Mother, the Gefilte Fish and Me

You can follow a family recipe to a T, but it never turns out like your mom's, or her mom's, did. This year, when I took up the nerve-wracking task of cooking my grandmother's gefilte-fish recipe for my family of ace foodies, I found out why.


More samples of Emma's writing:

I have a food podcast! Listen to More than Maple Syrup here

A Slow Cooker Recipe for The Non-Believers (and Believers): The Globe and Mail

The most heated fight about food I ever had with my mother, Lucy, was about the slow cooker. Recipe and Tips for flavourful Moroccan Chicken. 

A Year of Firsts: What sponsoring a Syrian Family has Taught Me: Today's Parent

Sometimes I feel like a new parent myself, blindly trying to figure out how to best help these strangers whose needs I don’t always understand, but whose lives I care about deeply. There are those familiar feelings of frustration, exhaustion, confusion mingled with joy and a deep sense of connection. We are all fumbling along together—we make mistakes, have misunderstandings and moments of clarity despite the vast different life experiences. It is easy to sound paternalistic when being a sponsor, but that’s something I want to guard against—because as much as we are teaching the family, what we get back is exponential and indescribable.

A Syrian Family's First Days in Canada:Today's Parent

We didn’t know what to expect as we drove to the airport hotel to greet the Syrian refugee family that we had pledged to sponsor for one year. Would they be as excited as we were to finally meet face to face? Would they be nervous, overwhelmed? Would they have regrets about moving to Canada?

A Mother's Day Meal that reminds Emma of the lessons she learned from her mom's kitchen: The Globe and Mail

What each of us learns in our mother’s kitchen is often the culmination of knowledge from generations of women who had to make do. Sometimes the lessons are just about getting food on the table. Often they’re about love and guilt and tradition. The history of a favourite birthday cake recipe, the steps to making a multifaceted curry or memorizing how each person likes their coffee knits us together as family.

Deliver Us from Dinner: The Globe and Mail

It’s been a long workday, there’s one hour until soccer practice and the refrigerator is empty: You need help, and the Wavermans are here for you. Introducing a new monthly column, in which Emma (a 40-something working parent) seeks solutions to her supper-table stresses from her mom, Lucy (an award-winning cook).

Say Uncle EmbracetheChaos.ca

He was loving, and mercurial, he was moody and hilarious. He was outrageous and also shy. He loved luxury, his wife, his sons, his dog, my husband, family and his friends. He was unpredictable and had no filter that stopped the rush of his thoughts to the open air. That could be disconcerting or wonderful. Sometimes both. He loved love. 

 5 Ways Valentine's Day Has Changed Since We Were Kids Today's Parent

I think Pinterest broke Valentine's Day.

Forget Helicopter Parenting. Welcome to the Helicopter Society Today's Parent

I recently left my 11-year old son in the car while I did some errands. I wasn't afraid for his safety, I was afraid for mine.

I Married My High School Sweetheart ivillage.ca

And I know what you are thinking.

Love Potion in a Pill: would you take a pill to improve your sex drive?  Today's Parent

There are numerous parmaceuticals in the works to help a woman's sex drive, would these so-called pink Viagras change women's low libido? Or is a woman's sexuality more complicated?

SOS Mothers:

Journalist and blogger Emma Waverman experienced day-to-day life at three SOS Villages in the Dominican Republic in April 2013. Her goal: to help readers discover, through words and pictures, the immensity of the work, energy and passion put in by SOS Children’s Villages and its SOS Mothers to help children and families in need.

Losing a mother is a game changer, but thanks to SOS Mothers, thousands of children each year find themselves a safe home in the community where they can grow and play.

When you should talk to your kids about sex, Canadian Living

Talking about sex with your kids can be tough. Here's what you should be letting your kids know and when.

Eight ways to create a picky eater, The Globe & Mail

If you are not a healthy eater or have food issues, then your kids will too. If you eat healthy meals that contain lots of flavour and lots of food groups, your kids will most likely learn to as well.

Geocachers find the city's hidden charms, The Globe & Mail

Among the city's many charms, one is consistently overlooked. It's hidden treasure. And you're probably within walking distance of it right now.

Does your child challenge traditional gender roles?, Today's Parent

Some boys like to wear dresses and play with makeup; some girls prefer boy clothes and playing with trucks. We talk to parents who are wondering what these preferences mean.

How to stay close to friends without kids, Today's Parent

Staying close to friends who don’t have kids isn’t easy. Here are tips for making it work.

Earth Hour party, Today's Parent

Invite friends and neighbours for a fun, candlelit fête in honour of our planet.

I Did a Cleanse, YummyMummyClub.ca

I am going to tell you a little secret. I did a cleanse. I found the whole thing mildly embarrassing.

Three kids, one parent and a Disney ship, Travel - MSN.ca

One mom discovers that a Disney cruise ship is the best place to be when you're outnumbered.

Find kid-friendly fun in Barcelona, The Globe & Mail

Barcelona doesn’t have the refined, uptight culture of other European cities. Kids are welcome, even expected, everywhere.